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Agricultural Shows
Woolsey Concrete decided to travel to Scotland to take part in the Ayr Agricultural Show.  This was a new venture for us and gave us a chance to meet some of our Scottish customers face to face.
 Ballymena Agricultural Show

Locally we travelled to Co Antrim.

Here in our display you can see (bottom row)
Tri-Deck Flooring, Pig Slats and Beams.
(Middle Row) Passage Slats, Safety Slat, Cattle Slats along with our own Safety Slat Lifter. (Top Row) Double Cubicle Bed.

Tri-Deck Flooring mostly used for sub flooring in dwelling houses can be used as an alternative base for on-site manufactured cubicle beds or passage ways.  We do stress however that they are not designed for driving on.

 Mullahead  Annual Ploughing Match 

We travelled a few miles from our Manufacturing Plant to support one of our local long established shows and catch up with some of our regular customers.

Along with Cattle Slats, Safety Slat,Passage Slab and Beam you can see our labour saving Safety Slat Lid Lifter which has become a favourite with our customers.


Leslie and Christine hard at work assembling the display and meeting customers at Clogher Valley Show.  Here we see the slats are even suitable for having your picnic or a wee rest on a day out!!