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Woolsey Concrete Limited is committed to minimizing the impact of its operations on the natural environment and the local community.  This Policy has the wholehearted support of the Directors and Management of Woolsey Concrete Limited and relates to all potential sources of pollution applicable to our business activities, products and services.


"To protect the Health and Safety of our own people and customers whilst contributing to the future well-being of the environment through a programme of continual improvement in reducing and preventing pollution"


  • To meet, and where possible exceed the requirements of current applicable legislation.
  • To reduce waste by reducing consumption of energy and other raw materials and promoting recycling where practicable.
  • To undertake risk assessments to control pollution, monitor their effectiveness and make improvements where necessary.
  • To ensure employees are aware of and adhere to all requirements relating to protecting the environment and reducing waste and pollution.
  • To encourage food environmental practices by suppliers and contractors.
  • To investigate and deal promptly with feedback from statutory authorities and the local community.
  • To undertake periodic review of this policy and supporting practices.

Revised January 2017